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Invention & History

CAE Limited Liability Company operates in compliance with the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Civil Code, other current legislative acts, and this Regulation.

This is the second version of “CAE” LLC’s charter, which was registered on May 17, 2011 with the registration number 1601359031.

CAE is an English capital letter that stands for Computer Aided and Aplied Engineering, which is a corporation that specializes in computer assistance and applications.

Electronics, Micro Electronics, Weak Stream, PLC, Companent Engineering, High-tech, Process Automation, Computer Engineering, and Software Development were all inspirations for the organization.

Rahim Khasiyev

Founder, CEO

Mission Statement

CAE Make your working environment as pleasant as possible. “CAE” Is a company that specializes in computer-assisted and applied engineering, provides Consolidation and Automation of business tools to help you increase the quality of your work while minimizing human labor. Working with CAE will ensure that your business is completed accurately and on time.

Vision Statement

Based on eleven years of expertise, CAE aspires to be a leader in computer technology.


CAE Make your working environment as pleasant as possible.

  • Improving Business Quality and Confidence.
  • Make tools for implementing and adhering to standards.
  • Make business growth tools that are adaptable.
  • Apply CIO tools to define corporate strategy.
  • To provide Analytical and Objectivity in business.
Target Market Summary

The technological database, success stories, client references, and the friendly environment that customers require are the essential criteria.

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